WINTER HOURS – First game is at 10.30 am, Last booking at 4pm.  Bring own gloves.

SUMMER HOURS – First game is at 9.30am, Last booking time is 5pm,(late games eg 6pm  by arrangement with a minimum of 15 or more only during daylight saving hours). Minimum of 2 people, maximum of 50 people!

Each session last 2 hours (may be able to go longer if no other groups have booked and you’re buying more shots).

We welcome all ages on our Paintball Field but by law children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults at or on the field.

With children between the ages of 7 to 15 we like to have a ratio of 4 kids to 1 adult if possible. (Younger children tend to need a helping hand to play the game and to be supervised).

Zero Policy Alcohol – If you or a friend with you turns up intoxicated he/she will be refused to play for the safety of our customers and ourselves. If you are wishing to have a bbq after the game then refreshment is allowed once your game has finished.

MUST BE 12 HOURS NOTICE WHEN YOU BOOK ON-LINE. But If you phone/text to book I would appreciate at least 2 hrs notice.

PLEASE NOTE: We will confirm your booking by replying that we have received it and you are booked. Also we will text you the morning of the day you are booked to confirm please reply as no response no game.

Please enter the DATE, CELL PHONE NUMBER and TIME of your booking plus the NUMBER in your group and any other relevant information eg (age if your group includes children) in the text box below.  Thank you we look forward to seeing you!

Thank you,

TIME – Please be on time as it eats into your playtime.
We are there ready for you to play at the time you have booked as you made the time you wish to play.

NOTE: Please allow time for your travel to Cromwell especially if you don’t know the road.