Paintball Central offers the perfect opportunity to throw down! With a large range of expertly curated games and scenarios all fully refereed.

Adrenaline meets strategy on our sprawling 10-acre battlefield, making us one of the largest paintball destinations in the South Island!
Immerse yourself in the thrill of combat across diverse terrains, from open woodlands to our heart-pounding close-quarters urban field. We pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled experience with top notch equipment, ensuring each and every player is equipped for victory!

Spice up your game with tactical smoke grenades, or fire up the machine gun for up to 40 paintballs per second of firepower!

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How safe is Paintball?

Very safe, safer than most competitive sports!

We provide all players with high quality paintball masks, a comprehensive safety briefing, and fully marshaled games!


Only 50 mins from Queenstown, 40 mins from Wanaka and 30 mins from Alexandra