…and its something that you wanna keep coming back to!!! Challenge your friends, work mates, clubs, stag doo, birthday parties to a game of Paintball. They must be prepared to hunt … and to be hunted….?

We are only 50 mins from Queenstown, 40 mins from Wanaka and 30 mins from Alexandra.  So if the lakes are rough or ski fields are shut, come to us and have a couple of hours of fun shooting with your mates. Please allow time for travel as now the roads are busier.


Is the game safe? – Absolutely – safer than most competitive sports. You are using gas powered guns specifically designed for this use. The paintballs are gelatine capsules filled with a vegetable dye. They will not stain or harm the environment. No protective shields needed other than safety goggles. We read the rules and go over the handling of the guns and answer any questions and check all masks fit properly before issuing the guns and put you out to play. You are to wear sturdy shoes and we supply the overalls to cover your clothes. You will be playing on soft sand and pine needles under a pine plantation. We have lots of forts and obstacles to hide in and behind.

Safety goggles to be worn at all times!!!!